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Greetings, from the desk of Erik Gassler, Owner of Stoic Dreams:

In my career I've witnessed a lot of bad habits and poor decision making when it comes to designing and creating websites. Even from industry veterans that I would expect to know better. And most of the time this is simply a matter of not being aware of better methods of accomplishing desired tasks.

I myself have personally made numerous mistakes over the years. But I have kept alive a passion for evolving my techniques and knowledge. Continuing to grow my skills as a complete software engineer.

And it's this continued passion that I believe has allowed me to develop a system for building websites that allows for building quality websites faster, and of a better quality in virtually every regard, than any other single developer or team that I have witnessed or worked with.

I'm not perfect. I have come a long way since I first started programming in 2007, but I know this journey of knowledge and improvement is one that will never end. There is always something new to learn and better ways to do something. And I will continue to evolve my system accordingly.

And through this website, I will finally begin sharing this system with other developers.

Look for updates soon, and continuing on a gradual basis as I make time to create tutorials and post new content.

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